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CBT Connections provides high quality training programs across Canada for a wide range of professionals including counselors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, nurses, community support workers and more. We support professionals in building their knowledge and skills in delivering evidence based treatment plans and associated supports. Our multi-level training programs emphasize Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) approaches for kids, teens or adults coping with Anxiety Disorders, Depression and other common mental health problems.


CBT Connections offers a range of Workshops that can be tailored to specific professional educational needs for practicing clinicians or agencies seeking to provide training for their staff. Our workshop options include basic, intermediate and advanced applications of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and other evidence based approaches for common mental health problems.

Clinical Practice Practicums

As a follow up to our workshop training events we also offer a range of Clinical Practicums. Participants receive individualized feedback and support from our team of experts for real CBT treatment plans and taped therapy sessions.

Consultation Services

We offer a range of consultation services to clinicians, supervisors and agencies seeking to build and sustain evidence based treatment approaches in their practice setting. For more information please contact us.

Online Learning Courses

We provide engaging reading modules on the effective treatment of common mental health problems along with illustrative case examples all from the convenience of your work or home computer. Each module includes an anonymous self-test to ensure participating clinicians reach competent levels of knowledge and understanding. Our current on-line course focuses on CBT for Anxiety Disorders and Related Disorders in Children and Youth. For more information about this course or custom designed options to fit your agency’s training needs please contact us.

About Us

CBT Connections was founded in 2003 with a vision of providing evidence-based training for health professionals working in a variety of settings. Since that time we have trained over 1500 professionals in delivering treatment and supports that meet internationally recognized best practice standards. Our main focus has been providing training to professionals working in the public system for government or community funded agencies including provincial and regional contracts in both BC and Saskatchewan.

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