Clinical Practice Practicums

Our clinical practice practicums go beyond the standard workshop training model to ensure clinicians have support around implementing the evidence based skills and knowledge in their clinical practice setting.

During 6-month or 12-month practicums each participant submits a series of written CBT case formulations with a proposed treatment plan and several taped CBT sessions with real clients. Participants receive individualized feedback and support from our expert team to help them build and expand on their ability to design and deliver effective treatment plans.

This practical hands-on learning approach allows clinicians to apply the knowledge gained in the workshop training while also integrating the individualized feedback they receive into their ongoing clinical work over time. Strengths in developing and delivering effective CBT are highlighted while constructive feedback on areas for improvement and ongoing skills development is provided. This allows for meaningful professional development in a highly supportive environment.

Our expert team provides detailed feedback for each written treatment plan or taped treatment session on a range of topics including diagnostic clarity, best practice treatment approaches for specific diagnoses, suggestions on resources for expanding evidence based knowledge, ideas for achieving specific clinical goals, examples of specific clinical strategies/tools, strategies for engaging clients, trouble shooting challenging cases and more.